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telling lies
i'll call you back when i'm honest
i've been lying through the years
if for no other reason then to pass the time
or perhaps
i've only been lying to myself
to keep myself shielded
from what's really going on here
that can't be it
i'm telling lies en masse
tied up neatly with a ribbon
happy holidays
that still doesn't seem right
i am just lying to myself
trying to trick myself into believing
that there isn't still a hole where you were
that you didn't leave an empty space
maybe i'm trying to convince myself
that i don't miss you
i mean
after all
i don't
i'll call you back when i'm honest
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+Our Place+ by larienne +Our Place+ :iconlarienne:larienne 8,276 712 Origins by JJcanvas Origins :iconjjcanvas:JJcanvas 6,456 139 Goops into action!! by zarla Goops into action!! :iconzarla:zarla 3,130 245
HoPe CH.1
 Sans pulled down his furred hood as he heard the door to the RUINS open and the crunching of snow under footfalls was heard.
 Another RESET,another timeline.
 The short skeleton walked slowly from behind,keeping his head lowered and his eyesockets to the footprints, but he couldn't help but notice there was something.. Different,about the steps,but ignored it.
 When the footfalls came to a stop,Sans quickened his strides, and as usual,stopped in his tracks.
 "Human. Don't you to greet a new pal? Turn around, and shake my-" but something different happened,his extended hand was grasped before Sans could finish his sentence.
 The hand wasn't the small,fleshy human hand Sans grew used to,it was large,soft, and...fluffy?
 "Hello,it's good to see friendly face here" Sans slowly looked up, and was bewildered. For the first time,standing tall next to the small child,was Toriel,who gave him a warm smile.
 "U-um..hi." Sans hadn't ment fo
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Grillby x Reader -Hungry for Food? Or the Flame?
Its was a usual white, snowy day in Snowdin and you were craving something to eat. So what better place to go to than Grillby's, and on the plus side you where a huge fan of that place. Including its one and only 'hot' bartender and owner, Grillby. 
As the snow crunched under your feet, and the snow fell slowly and gracefully onto the Underground's floors the light beaming from Grillby's was in sight. You smiled, as you took a breath, watching it evaporate into the air and making the warm hands in your hoodie pockets squeeze together happily. 
You sighed tiredly, approaching the door once you went up the step into the tavern. Opening the said door, you walked in closing it behind you. Everyone greeted you like the usual, but you also gained the attention of the bartender. He nodded and you returned the gesture, going up and sitting on the bar stool as he disappeared behind the bar into the kitchen. Knowing exactly what you wanted, since you were a regular costumer like your o
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Star Wars General Grievous by MikeKretz Star Wars General Grievous :iconmikekretz:MikeKretz 665 61 Star Wars: Leia Boushh by TereseNielsen Star Wars: Leia Boushh :iconteresenielsen:TereseNielsen 2,078 140 star wars by aquachild star wars :iconaquachild:aquachild 831 36 Star wars by longai Star wars :iconlongai:longai 3,550 220
Undertale Literature: 'If' Comic
Sans looked down at the writhing child coldly, stepping closer only to land a hard kick into Frisk's stomach. The wound was large in scale; it consumed their little body and blood pooled beneath them, staining their clothes. The stench of iron and salt was thick in the air and Sans revelled in it; his grin just seemed to stretch and grow with the pain the evil urchin endured. It was never in his nature to enjoy another's suffering, but this case was an exception... This little beast killed his brother.
They should be burning in hell on a day like this.
Frisk continued to feebly gasp and strain to live, even when there was no chance of that happening. Sans couldn't bring himself to tame his smile, if only momentarily. "That's what you get, you dirty brother killer..." He knew that Papyrus would not approve of this sociopathic behaviour. But he was no longer here to hold Sans back. As he addressed the child, there was hatred in their eyes and it spewed from their mouth as incoherent sent
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